Savage Frontiers Vol. 3

Savage Frontiers Vol. 3

The third issue of Savage Frontiers pulp fiction expo. Full of the action, the thrills, the dark fantasy, and darker humour.

In this issue we have continuations of our ongoing serials Nevirane and Left Hand Black.

A dark and humorous tale set in the grim world of true Norwegian black metal

A violent dungeon crawl adventure story from first time contributor and long time supporter Marston Sneddon.

A grimy and fascinating fantasy set in the islands of medieval Greece.

Another pulp Comic strip from artist Gypo Von Jack. How broad is your knowledge of pulp fiction? Can you guess what story inspired it?

And a last but not least a very non typical western about a bounty Hunter hunter by the flash fiction warlord Chris Jones. We liked it so much we printed it twice....on accident.

You'll be entertained by this one I'm sure, even if you can't get any farther then staring at the sick cover art by Michael Childers...

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