Savage Frontiers Vol. 1

Savage Frontiers Vol. 1
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Physical print copy.
Full color cover, B&W interior.

In this issue:

"Nevirane (Part 1)" by Gabriel Hall - in 1081AD, a mysterious explorer who is more than meets the eye seeks out an eldritch manuscript from a fabled kingdom in the Byzantine Empire.

"Macha" by Paul W. - A former corporate samurai fresh out of prison discovers whether or not he has any humanity left on an amphetamine-driven mission to Thailand to commit a murder he's not sure he can pull the trigger on.

"Troll Hunt" by Sam C. - Young Sarn Judger is hired by a "wizard" to go hunt a troll he's not so sure is real. By the end of the night, he'll know for sure. A genre-twisting piece that pokes a little fun at its own cliches while providing a good yarn in the process.

"Left Hand Black (Part 1)" by Angel Suarez - "He felt the crunching of the man's skull between his hands before he felt the collision with the earth.

The impact caused bone to carve through flesh, exploding his joints. He felt his arm snap, twisting behind him at an impossible angle for the limb to remain attached. The vision in his left eye went black. He assumed it had ruptured..."

Left Hand Black is the first installment in a grim as hell and black as night fantasy/horror epic from the author.